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6 CM
4 Founding Fathers
5 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
3 Winter Variations
2 Stock
1 Muppets Christmas Carol
10 Artwork by Martina Strobel Here



I'll take any requests you have here.

State the fandom, character, pairing, text, whatever.

Also, if it isn't criminal minds, or something really general (such as a stock icon or something with a theme) give me a specific screen cap or picture or link to a gallery where I can find something good. It makes it easier and faster. :D


My First Icons (In my second post)

I've been making some icons and I'm looking for some honest criticism. 


Under here.Collapse )

Criminal Minds Icons

Yay! I made some more icons. All Criminal Minds this time.

25 Criminal Minds iconsCollapse )
Comments are appreciated. Constructive criticism is appreciated too. 
Caps are from the Oracle of Quantico. http://www.criminalmindsonline.net/

And has anyone else noticed there is a lack of shots of the cast's full body? They have gorgeous faces, we know, but they have gorgeous bodies too. The only time we see them standing is either inside behind desks or outside. :D