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Actor Icons

15 Ewan McGregor
06 Mark Wahlberg
05 Ethan Hawke
05 Matt Damon

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Comments are appreciated. Credit to atari_icons

Classic Hollywood Icons

20 Classic Couples

Includes many different leading men and ladies.

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In Plain Sight

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Comments are nice, credit is appreciated.

Random Icons

10 Anthony Bourdain
3 Eric Clapton
10 Stock/legos
10 Pearls Before Swine
5 English Patient

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And there's more

10 Ralph Fiennes
10 How I Met Your Mother

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CM Valentines

9 Valentines 
7 Criminal Minds


Pushing Daisies and others

18 Pushing Daisies
4 Disney
2 Galaxy Quest
6 Criminal Minds

Credit atari_icons


19 Who Icons

It was going to be 20, but then I realized I saved the same icon twice. Ahh well.


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